(Zontyp, for example World Heritage Site)
LocationExample municipality, Example region, Example country
SurfaceSurface, Surface
TriviaNo turfer has ever taken this zone.
Examplezone at Turfgame.com

Examplezone is a turf zone in the municipality of Example municipality in the region of Example region in Example country.


The zone is located in the middle of the Main square in Example city. (This section/heading should be included in each zone article.)


Here, a directions to the zone may be written. (If 'Directions' feels redundant, you can of course delete this section.)


In the middle of Example city stands a stately wooden Eiffel Tower. (If 'Sightseeing' feels superfluous, it is of course possible to omit this section.)

(The place)[edit]

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(Optional section)[edit]

If you who create the zone article have your own small section (any own heading with accompanying text) that you want to include, it is of course possible to create such a section. Please do. But try to think about keeping the existing order on the sections/headings. That is:

  1. 'Placement'
  2. Ev. 'Directions'
  3. Ev. 'Sightseeing'
  4. Ev. '<The place>'
  5. Ev. '<Optional section>'
  6. Ev. 'Image gallery'
  7. 'External links'
  8. Ev. 'References'

(Image gallery)[edit]

A few extra pictures are added here. (If you, who originally created the zone article, do not have an image to share, you can delete this section.)

External links[edit]

Other examples: Wikipedia article, Blog posts, webcam link, google maps, google maps street view ...


If references are needed, these are written here.