Turf insider January 2015

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Stats and congratulations[edit]

Time is not always on your side, even vacations can seem stressful and extremely hectic. People who turf to work and back home might not have those precious few moments now that family and friends are in the way. Luckily, that might not be such a bad thing. Good company and great food usually accompany these moments in life, and that's wonderful! For me, the time around the turn of the year is often hectic so writing this letter which I love to do is sometimes also difficult. Luckily I'm blessed with the power of delegation and great co-workers. The "stats and congratulations" section below are by MasterOfTurf. If you want to read more by him, why not tell him in the forum.

Turf has once again showed its capacity for being a fun and addictive game that makes a lot of turfers go outside and take zones. Some turfers even went to extraordinary efforts! In the latest round almost 4,000 turfers participated and 170 of them scored more than 100,000 points. The top-3-turfers all achieved more than 900,000 points; this in itself was impressive as it is quite unusual for all three medal winners to achieve such a high score. In the end, there was only a difference of around 20,000 points between the gold, silver and bronze medalists.

Tyger from Umeå took an early lead, but a few days before Christmas something happened when squirrel from Västerås made a move and suddenly overtook the number one position. On Christmas Eve GW007 from Kalmar passed Tyger and a furious battle began! The three turfers scored incredible sums of points per day (roughly 50,000) but the positions did not change. Yet, it was not only the battle for the medal that the top three were fighting, rough weather became a real factor and really put the turfers to the test, with a lot of snow in the north, stormy winds in the south and cold temperatures everywhere.

We celebrate squirrel's victory over all of the elements and the fact this is her second gold medal with 953,709 points. She also made her way to the Turf Hall of Fame http://wiki.turfgame.com/sv/wiki/Flest_medaljer by now having three top-3-medals. The silver medal goes to GW007 with 929,086 points and the bronze medal goes to the place with most snow, Umeå and Tyger who scored 908,166. A big hand to all of them!

Region lottery[edit]

Speaking of being late, the turn of the year means (for the zone makers) that it's time for the region lottery! Some of you might know what that means but for those who don't, it's when we scramble the responsibility of a bunch of active regions so that each zone maker's special touch gets implemented everywhere! It's running a little late due to the holidays and the somewhat glitchy forum, it seems that it's not working at all with a certain third party forum reading application which is the primary choice of the turf crew. Hopefully the lottery will be completed by the end of the week.


I'm guessing that a lot of you, like me might have enjoyed some yummy christmas dinners with an extra amount of gravy, sugar or whatever happened to be served. For me that means taking turfing a bit more seriously, I've been slacking off way to long now and am beginning to look a bit puffy in the lower region. Do you guys have any new year's resolutions? I'd love to read about it on the forum!

And finally, I promise I'll be quicker at getting this mail out next month!

//StarDust, Sweden