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LocationPargas, Lounais-Suomi, Finland
SurfaceGravel, Grass
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HoutskärKyrka at

HoutskärKyrka is a turfzone in Pargas in the region of Lounais-Suomi (Southwestern Finland) in Finland. The zone is located in the province of Varsinais-Suomi and is counted as a holy zone


The zone is placed outside the village church of Houtskär.

Houtskär Chirch[edit]

Houtskär Church was built in 1703 and consecrated to the Virgin Mary on July 10, 1704, as the third church building in the order of the Houtskär residents. At that time, Houtskär was a chapel under the Korpo parish.

In 1554, Houtskär is mentioned for the first time as a chapel congregation under Korpo. From the beginning, Korpo and Houtskär had been run by one and the same priest, later with the help of a chaplain and from 1692 Houtskär had its own ordinary chaplain with chaplain's residence in Näsby. On October 9, 1865, an imperial edict was issued that Houtskär chapel parish would be separated into its own parish, which was realized when the parish priest in Korpo died on April 3, 1867 and the chaplain in Houtskär became the parish priest of the new independent parish. Since 2009, the former independent parish is included as a chapel parish in Väståboland's Swedish parish and the church functions as the Houtskär chapel parish's worship service.

Nearby zone is HoutskärHamn.

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