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LocationHylte, Halland, Sweden
SurfaceForest land
TriviaThe summit zone for Halland 237,9 meters over the sea level.
HallandsTopp at

HallandsTopp is a zone in the municipality of Hylte in the region of Halland. This is located in the province of Småland and it is counted as a summit zone.


This zone is placed on the top of the mountain Ölmesberg, north of the village with the same name in the eastern parts of the Hylte municipality.


To get to the mountain Ölmesberg, turn a couple of kilometers from the village Jälluntofta off from the public road between Jälluntofta and Sporda into the signposted road towards the village Ölmesberg. Just before the village Ölmesberg you turn onto a small road to the mountain.

Worth seeing[edit]

The mountain Ölmesberg is covered for the most part by a beautiful beech forest and the hike up to the top is pleasant. However, the view from the top is limited due to the surrounding forest.


The mountain Ölmesberg is located on the border between Halland County (Hylte Municipality) and Jönköping County (Gislaved Municipality). The mountain is the highest point in Hylte municipality as well as in the whole of Halland county. Note that the mountain is neither Halland's highest point (as the mountain is in Småland) nor Småland's highest point (as there are higher mountains in other parts of the landscape).

Externa länkar[edit]