Turf insider February 2017

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The winners

The first month of the year flew by and we're already well into February. Naturally, that means that another round of Turf has ended and a new one begun. During January the fight was on and two pro turfers snatched medals, but we have a newcomer! Well, at least when it comes to being top three, Bont is a machine and has the medal to prove it. He has taken 666 zones in 24 hours and is the current leader of most zones in 24 hours. According to sources, "taking" the Staminatrix medal is something he does easily and often if one could take it more than once. The final scores of the last round are found just above.

It's getting crowded

Hardcore turfer GW007 picks up a third gold medal and TXL a third bronze medal adding to the already imp ressive collections of medals. Another interesting medal in the all the winners' collections are the new Crowdy medals which are obtained by several turfers being in the zone at the same time. This is part of the new group turfing project that has been released to Supporters and will in the future be available for everyone. GW007 among other people have managed to get the Crowdy 13 medal already but yours truly was on location when the highest (so far?) medal Crowdy 21 was taken in my hometown of Uppsala on Monday.

As usual some day during the first week of the month a bunch of Uppsalaturfers meet up and have dinner at a restaurant, this time before meeting at the restaurant we gathered at Lutpark and then at Stabby. The plan was to get the prestigious medal Crowdy 21, the so far highest achievable medal where you take a zone together with many others. At 18:00 the first people began cycling and walking into the park, eagerly trying to avoid the zone as not to take it before everyone was ready. A few minutes after the hour the first attempt to take the medal began and some seemed to have gotten it, however some chinks in the programming had to be fixed since the medal which was received was none other than the no longer obtainable Donation Hero medal, funny enough one of few medals which is not achieved by actually taking a zone. We were quite optimistic though that those who received that medal would eventually get the correct one later and that is the case.

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Uppsalaturfers take Crowdy 21

Those who weren't able to get the zone in time (me among others) and the one who had do the actual takeover had a second chance in the zone Stabby a few blocks away. We cycled and walked over there like the biggest Turf-lemming train ever observed and prepared for a second try. This time me and a few others managed to get the Donation Hero, I mean Crowdy 21 medal! All in all we were 26 to get the medal!

Afterwards we celebrated at the local restaurant and had our usual Turf gathering. I must say that making the game a group game has really taken this to a new level, it was invigorating to see so many turfers playing at once even though no event was taking place!


Speaking of events, don't miss the big Winter Classic event in Umeå taking place on Saturday! This recurring event is one of few events taking pla ce in the more northern parts of Sweden so if you happen to live there, why not meet up with fellow turfers from your region?

There's an entry fee of 20 SEK but if you're under 18 it's free! The event starts at 12:15 with a walkthrough of the event. At 12:30 people are welcome to take the Crowdy 21, which I recommend you take, it's not often you can gather a bunch of turfers since our lizard brain has taught us this is a solo game. Hopefully this will change in the future. The actual competition starts at 12:30. For more information in Swedish check out the forum here!

We're churning through the coldest months of the year but at least it's getting brighter and speaking of brightness and shortcomings, on the proverbial bright side this is the shortest month of the year so you can expect another letter in just a few weeks!