Turf insider January 2014

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Results of round 42[edit]

Many of you already know the winner of this round. He's been a very serious turfer for quite some time now, rounding up many top positions and he is a holder of two bronze medals. But in round 42, MadMajk managed to climb the hills of Jönköping with such persistence that no one else could match him. A healthy score of some 687000 was what it took to land the gold medal this time, well deserved and a big congratulation is in order! But it didn't come easy, chasing from behind during most of the round was kingenin. And if there's someone you don't want chasing you, it's a four time gold medalist...! This time the competition was too hard though, but a nice score of 640000 and a silver medal isn't bad, especially since this was her first silver, and her sixth medal in total. In third place we have a relatively new turfer, DrGrubb from Umeå. He scored about 562000 points, quite amazing considering his total points are some 700000. Not bad for a rookie! Also worth mentioning i s that this is the third consecutive year that an Umeå turfer landed a medal in the December round: last year bUs got a silver and the year before that fredde70 a bronze. Seems that they like the winter in the north! As always, amazing achievements of the medalists and a big congrats to all of you! :-)

Happy turfing and don't forget to make a small detour for that extra zone!

Blabert, Sweden