Turf insider February 2014

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Results of round 43[edit]

The first round of 2014 was very exciting and it took quite some time before the top 3 finally settled. It started off with a Turf couple, both former gold medalists, from Västerås fleeing the country in search for zones in Denmark. FiskeLasse and squirrel travelled around the country, scoring points, unique zones and of course the Denmark Explorer medal. Doing so they occupied the lead for about half the round, but at that point they unfortunately both got sick and rapidly lost their top positions.

At this point the people just under them in the top list started to move, the Örebro turfer Turfsmurfen50 took the opportunity and went up to first position and stayed there. Behind him we find, yet again, Snusmumriken who totally controlled Linköping. Doing so she also managed to reach 40000 takeovers as the first turfer ever, very impressive! The bronze medal went after heavy battles to the Stockholm turfer järven. He had tough competition from the Jönköping turfers thorre and Ystra but managed to stay ahead in the end. Congrats to all of you :-)

Events, events and more events![edit]

The interest for organising different kinds of events is really increasing among the turfers. The Turf developers realised this some time ago and created a nice tool for building zones and creating events. Making this tool available to people wanting to arrange events has indeed been proved a great idea! We have seen both open and closed events (sign up required, maybe limited amount of participants) and I bet we'll see even more in the future!

In December we had the Lusseturfen in Västerås, a challenging trek in the Rocklunda forest which SunYour ended up winning. In the start of January Kalmar also held a walking only event which NewBridgeKing won. Upcoming events are Turf on Ice in Västerås on February 16th, a winter event in Umeå, held on the 22nd of February and on April 26th, Borlänge invites everyone to the first Dalarna Turf Open. If you have the opportunity to participate, I urge you to do it! It's great fun, you'll meet lots of great people and of course we get to compete :-)

Happy turfing and don't forget to make a small detour for that extra zone!

Blabert, Sweden