Turf insider March 2014

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Results of round 44[edit]

Round 44 gave us some real Turf excitment for those of us who likes to follow the top turfers! The up and coming Turf city of Örebro started the round furiosly and during the first week the top 4 consisted of only Örebro turfers! This however changed a bit further in to the round when movemania and wizard96dvl in Gothenburg picked up the pace and made it in to the top three. In the end it was yet again an Örebro turfer who took the gold, this time yxa with a nice score of 615000. Movemania landed the silver with 555000 points, and after a crazy finish sune managed to bring his third bronze medal home to Kalmar. It was tight for the bronze though, Mazarin also had a strong finish at fourth place and not far after him we got Bullmannen with another great round in fifth place. There's the top 5, congrats to all of you :-)

Bonanza in Stockholm, 7th of June![edit]

It's finally decided! Saturday, June 7th will be the date to save in your calendars. This sunny and perfectly tempered early summer day we will see top turfers from all over the world come together for the most intense and exciting way to turf: BONANZA! The Bonanza will take place just south of the inner city, in Ã…rsta which is an area with very varied terrain and topography - perfectly suitable for the ultimate Turf challenge :-)

We're expecting quite many to show up at this event, so there will actually be two heats. The first heat is free of charge and very suitable for those who like to use Turf for exercise and fun. The second heat will be the actual Bonanza, containg the highly sought after Bonanza medals in Gold, Silver and Bronze and is the heat for those who will spend many weeks to prepare to win ;-) Both heats will award the Bonanza Participator medal and will have nice prizes. Regardless of which heat you will be in (you cant be in both), there will be a lot of fun times, meeting new people, talking Turf and of course the gala dinner at The Flying Horse which is the local Stockholm turfers prefered joint for Turf meetings.. I'm hoping to meet you there! :-)

Head over to the forum for more information and sign up: Bonanza sign up and info

In other events, the Winter Classic in Umeå was held on Saturday 22th of February. Winner was MarresmacK, and in second and third place we had MrDinco and Jaktfalk . In the walk only class we had a winner from Stockholm: pancosmic with Switch86 and Tallkotten just behind him. All in all there was 32 happy turfers fighting in this competition and having a nice dinner afterwards. Very nicely organised of the Umeå turfers :-)

I will also remind you of the the Borlänge Turf Open, taking place on the 26th of April. Not a bad way to warm up before the Bonanza and you can sign up by sending an email to turfdalarna@gmail.com

Finally, I'm sad to say that the Turf on Ice event in Västerås was cancelled due to, well lack of ice. Hopefully next year! :-)

Happy turfing and don't forget to make a small detour for that extra zone!

Blabert, Sweden