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LocationStockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
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Mariaberget is a turfzone in the municipality of Stockholm in the region of Stockholm in Sweden.


This zone is placed on the Mariaberget hill in the district of Södermalm in central Stockholm.

The Mariaberget hill[edit]

Mariaberget is an informal area located on northwestern Södermalm in Stockholm. Today, the entire area north of Hornsgatan between Torkel Knutssonsgatan and Pustegränd is referred to as Mariaberget.

The name comes from Mary Magdalene parish. The height of the northern part of Södermalm has been inhabited since the 14th century, perhaps already when Stockholm was founded in the 13th century. Originally, the parish covered the whole of Södermalm. Katarina parish was added in the 17th century, Sofia parish in the early 1900s and Högalid parish in the mid-1920s.

In city plans from the 1880s, several inaccessible and undeveloped mountains were reserved as parks, and during the name revision in 1885, the Kattfoten and Bössan neighborhoods were named Mariaberget. The part between Pustegränd in the east and Blecktornsgränd in the west is called Mariaberget östra and is a cultural reserve with a large number of buildings which according to the City Museum in Stockholm have "extremely high cultural-historical values".

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