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The strategy guide aims to provide different strategies which can be implemented during a game session. This can be user-written guides as well as more general community strategies.

PPH boosting

You get points from two sources when taking a zone; Takeover points and points per hour. This tactic serves to provide a backbone of points per hour (hereafter referred to as PPH) by taking zones in remote locations, which will help provide a constant income of points during a round.


  • Valuable tactic for climbing the ranks in the Toplists or in the Turf Leagues, especially in higher divisions.
  • Helps compensate for a lower block time and a slower takeover time if you are in the lower ranks, since higher level players will take zones faster and keep them for longer, thus scoring points a little bit faster.
  • Maximizes the utility of the PPH as a passive income. You want to keep the remote zones for as long as possible.
  • Easier to claim the Region Lord bonus, which will cut your takeover time by five seconds. If you plan on taking many zones during a round this bonus can be invaluable.


  • Will require a somewhat large investment in time and planning to execute, depending on the magnitude of the desired PPH boosting.
  • Some sort of vehicle/public transport is to be considered essential for this tactic to be used to its fullest potential, this will most likely cause extra expenses for the player.
  • May be susceptible to regional differences, e.g. if there are very few remote zones present within a feasible distance or if the area is densely populated with players who follow the same strategy.

General guideline

The goal is to find zones in remote locations which are not often visited by other players. This can be zones which are situated in remote and/or more difficult areas to reach like inside forests, water zones, summits or simply remote zones in general. You want to generally look for zones with a takeover points/points per hour ratio of 185p/+1. You can also plan ahead and view the latest performed takeover from Warded, the website or with Turf Map Tool.

By analyzing the frequency of the zone takeovers performed by other players you can get a general idea of the "remoteness" of the zone, and if it then qualifies to include in your PPH boosting strategy. You generally do not want to have your remote zones taken by other players, as your efforts and intentions (not to mention the distances you would have to travel to take them back) with this tactic would then be counteracted.

If you have built a sufficiently large PPH booster you should see notable improvements regarding the accessibility of the Region Lord bonus, helping you take more zones in shorter timespan, as well as the position climbing in the Toplists.