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Round winners[edit]

Congratulations to the winners of round 147: Gallant from Skåne added a Gold Medal to his previous Bronze, Vargen12 from Uppsala secured a Silver medal while helping Team Uppsala win the Ultimate Region Fight 2022 and Oberoff from Stockholm took home the Bronze medal, the same placement his team Stockholm North ended up in the Ultimate Region Fight 2022.

Well done mates!

Upcoming events:[edit]

On the 10th of December you can head up to the dark Northern Sweden for LuleXmasBike in Luleå. It will take place during the few light hours of the day at this time of the year. There will be a closed by foot event and a public by bike event, followed by smaller 1 vs 1 events. Read more HERE.

And don't forget to make plans for the Bonanza 2023, it will take place in Umeå on the 20th of May.

A well-planned event gives the participants memories for life. Heard at the monthly Turf dinner in Uppsala: "The Event in Malmö this September was such a fantastic and friendly event. The zones in the by foot event were in such a nice environment where you could see for several kms!"

Turf Ultimate Region Fight 2022[edit]

During September, 10 region teams + the out of competion Turfmix team were busy competing in three categories; points, takes and round uniques. I was part of the Uppsala team and it started off not too crazy, but the last couple of weeks of the round turned into eating, sleeping, working and turfing on repeat. It was a fierce battle to the very last Saturday between Team Uppsala and Team Västmanland. Below the results you can read a summary from the team leaders of Uppsala and Västmanland.


Västmanland's Team through Frökenbok:[edit]

“A little over a day has passed since the tough fight in the regional battle ended. Västmanland gave everything we could until late Saturday afternoon week four when we realized that we had lost the exciting region battle against Uppsala. Congratulations Uppsala on the win, it was a day of fighting!

Our journey began early in the summer when we quickly got a team together. Västmanland needed to get a team together that was the biggest compared to other regions and of course we were happy about the interest. However, a large number of participants is a difficulty precisely when it comes to being able to win the fight as many have to perform high results, which turned out to be difficult as those at the top on some days cycled crazy hard to raise the average of both uniques, points and takes .

Several team leaders helped with planning trips, loops, pep talk and driving members together on trips. Many fantastic members of the team volunteered for guided tours in other locations. A spontaneous idea also came from a team member to loop in Köping during the final phase of the competition. Many team members came from different cities and turfed round and round together (Ed. Hamster wheeling).

There were several fantastic trips with the Team to Åland, Hallstahammar, Köping, Eskilstuna, Surahammar, Arboga, Kungsör and Enköping. Beautiful environment, a great community and a joy to see new Turf areas.

Despite problems with bicycles, illnesses and sometimes lack of time when many also have jobs, family life and other responsibilities, we continued to fight until the end. Personal records have been achieved, the team spirit has been fantastic, encouragement in our 24/7 chat that even in frustrating moments has given team members strength to fight on. We have had challenges and we have given each other energy to endure more than we ever thought we could.

In the beginning we turfed more solo, but after each week there has been more and more turfing together and looping. With regards to looping, Uppsala inspired us when one Sunday morning they showed us the power in points and takes a loop with many participants can have. (Ed. You're welcome!)

This fight has been tough, fun, challenging and exciting. We have tested our limits and gained many great memories that we carry with us going forward. The community in Västmanland has given us great joy to keep on biking all the time.

We want to thank everyone in team Västmanland who biked hour in and hour out every day, but also loved ones who put up with our extreme cycling and once again our team would like to congratulate Uppsala for the win. We look forward to getting revenge next year.”

Uppsala Team through dixern[edit]

“Then we can finally relax! And of course celebrate the win.

Here in Uppsala, regional battles are really a team activity with regular meetings and frequent discussions from start to finish. Even though we started gathering a team already in July, we barely got a group together in time. Even before the fight started we knew of a bunch of non-Turf related trips and other limitations that would make it difficult to reach the top, despite that we decided to join anyway, but maybe with less demands on ourselves. The team consisted of turf players from across the region (Uppsala, Enköping, Knivsta, Tierp and Bålsta). Some had competed before, others were brand new in our lineup.

The round started and the team got going, and already in the first afternoon the desire in the team to be at the top was noticeable. We were absolutely sure that our forte would be round uniques, which also showed in joint excursions and ventures around Uppland. Turns out we were wrong. We knew that points were difficult to excel in, since the zones in Uppsala give few take points and we have realized in previous struggles that we do not have the basis to win that category. But after week one, we saw that Västmanland, which also does not have high take points for their zones, could do well in this category. Then we can too! So we were wrong about this too.

Towards the end of week two when Västmanland showed up with a big group of turfers in Mariehamn, we realized that winning round unique zones would be difficult, instead we have to bike even more and go for more takes and more points. We quickly changed our strategy and caught up again and again. Then we just continued on that line, simply more biking! We've had people on the map from just after 4 in the morning until 1 (sometimes later) at night, almost every day for four weeks.

Our effort has been marred by small accidents and a number of tire punctures, but nothing more serious fortunately. And then we've had conference trips, exercise runs and families who think we're a little crazy and this could limit us. But you can take zones even when you're at a conference, and if you drop meeting time targets on races, there's always the option of taking a detour for some unique zones. And the families simply get to help with everything that isn't Turf. The regional battle comes first...then everything else.

We want to thank all the team members who fought so hard. All who gradually revised and raised their goals. All Uppsala's non-competing Turf players who helped with tips and accepted a crazy high activity on the Turf map. We also want to thank all the other teams, and especially Västmanland, you have given us a real match during recent weeks. And of course a big thank you to MaXi who organizes it all!

//dixern and Vargen12

Special place to visit in Finland[edit]

Not everyone has been busy with Region battle during September, Turf Insider got a mail from Borgåtippan about a special place to visit in Finland:

“If you ever travel to the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park in Northern Finland be sure to do some turfing. I visited both places this September and I must say the views were amazing! You can take the cable car up to the top of Ylläs, but we did it the other way around. Hiking all the way to the top and then down by cable car. It's not an easy walk but very doable. At Pallastunturi we actually missed the turf zone on the top of the other ridge, but if you're into downhill skiing you'll reach it easier I think. It was a very windy day so we were focusing more on climbing down the mountain slope than looking at our phones. Back on the ground we took the turf zone at Orava Avenue not far from the hotel. I always thought Turfgames is an excellent way to explore a new area and so it proved to be once again.”

Turf meet-up in Berlin, Germany[edit]

Regular Meet-Ups are being organized in Berlin. The second meet-up happend this month on Wednesday. The Meet-up was advertised in the Forum in the German section. It was a great success accordingly to one of the participants.

Turf Picture of the Month[edit]

This months Turf Picture is of the zone CampAsh taken by aldo.

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Turfa lugnt/Safe turfing!


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