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LocationVaasa, Länsi- ja Sisä-Suomi, Finland
SurfacePaving stone
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VaasaTorg is a turfzone in the municipality of Vaasa (Vasa) in the region of Länsi- ja Sisä-Suomi (Western and Inner Finland) in Finland. The zone is located in the province of Pohjanmaa and it is counted as a monument zone.


This zone is placed on the market square by Finland's Statue of Liberty in the city center of Vaasa.

Finland's Statue of Liberty[edit]

Finland's Statue of Liberty is a monument on the market square in Vaasa. The monument planned by Yrjö Liipola consists of a bronze statue of 6 meters and 3.6 tons representing two male figures, standing on a foundation of black granite. In total, the monument measures approximately 14 meters. The monument was unveiled on 9 July 1938.

The statue itself consists of two male figures in soldier's uniform. One man stands up, he holds in his left hand a rifle and in his outstretched right hand a cap. The second man sits down, holding his left hand to his chest, his face is turned upwards and to the right.

On the foundation there are five reliefs representing law (a man holding a sword and shield), faith (a woman with her face turned towards a church), work (a man holding a sheaf and sickle), the future (a mother with two children) and General Carl Gustaf Mannerheim.

On the side of the foundation that faces the square, there is a lion trampling a dragon designed by the animal sculptor Jussi Mäntynen. Above the lion is written in capitals ISÄNMAANSA VAPAUTTAJILLE / ÅT FÄDERNESLANDETS BEFRIARE (To the liberators of the fatherland) / 1918 together with an engraved freedom cross.

The Statue of Liberty is one of three Finnish Civil War memorials in Vaasa, the others being the Hunter Statue (1958) and the Finnish Air Force Memorial (1969).


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