Vaasa (Vasa)
Vasa Länsi- ja Sisä-Suomi.png
The Municipality Vaasa in Finland
Vasa vapen.png
Vaasa coat of arms
CountryFinland Finland flagga.png
RegionLänsi- ja Sisä-Suomi
Number of zones62
Maximum PPH63
Last updated2022-10-08

Vaasa (Vasa) is a municipality (city) in the region of Länsi- ja Sisä-Suomi (Western- and Inner-Finland) in Finland. Vaasa has about 67 000 inhabitants and is located in the province of Pohjanmaa.


Vaasa is located on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Bothnia and is the county seat of Pohjanmaa.

Vaasa is a university city and an important cultural center for the swedish-speaking Finland.


There are 62 turfzones in Vaasa, where two are counted as winner zones, one as a trainstation zones, six as monument zones, three as holy zones, four as bridge zones and one as a ruin zone.

The most taken zone is VaasaTorg that is located by the Vaasa market square.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

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Updated: 2022-10-08

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