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The municipality of Emmen in the region of Drenthe
Coat of arms of Emmen.png
Coat of arms of Emmen
CountryNetherlands Flag of the Netherlands.png
RegionDrenthe Flag of Drenthe.png
Number of zones16
Maximum PPH16
Last updated2021-09-19

Emmen is a city and a municipality in the region of Drenthe in the western of the Netherlands and has about 107,000 inhabitants.

Flag of Emmen


Attractions in Emmen are Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen, the inner city, the natural environment and the Rensenpark (with among others the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art). There is also Museum Collectie Brands in the adjacent village of Nieuw-Dordrecht.


There are 16 turf zones in the municipality of Emmen, one of which is counted as winner zone, one water zone, one train station zone, one summit zone and one bridge zone.

The most taken zone is Emmentrain which is located at the railway station in Emmen.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

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Updated: 2021-09-19

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