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Blackbay, Stockholm. Photo: Peterspirea
LocationStockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Triviastrober's winner zone globally and in Sweden round 16.
Blackbay at

Blackbay is a turf zone in the municipality of Stockholm in the region of Stockholm in Sweden and is counted as a winner zone.


This winner zone is on the grass at the intersection of Svartviksvägen and Bengt Tranas väg, right next to Tranebergs gård, in the district Traneberg in Västerort, west of Stockholm City Centre.

(Svartviksvägen freely translated to English: Black bay road.)

Tranebergs gård[edit]

Tranebergs gård is a historic building at Svartviksvägen 10 in the district of Traneberg in Bromma, western Stockholm. The farm dates from the 1670s, when there was a croft for the ferryman, who would take care of the ferry across Tranebergssundet at today's Tranebergsbro. A ferryman's croft, which probably came into being in the 1670s, is the oldest known settlement on the site at the current Tranebergsgården 1. The construction of the current farm building began in 1833, when the restaurant and inn business, which had previously begun at the croft, was expanded. The croft was then called Traneberg after its owner Bengt Trana.

In 1904, the city of Stockholm bought the farm and land area Traneberg. Today it is a private home. The farm building, which was built at the beginning of the 19th century, is well-preserved and the property is blue-marked by the Stockholm City Museum, which means that it constitutes "extremely high cultural-historical values". On the other hand, Guldsmedstorpet was demolished in 1937 when the apartment buildings in Traneberg began to be built.[1]

Zone Issues[edit]

  • 2020-08-05 Issue #10023 reported by Gor with the headline: Saknar attribut. (in English: Missing attribute.)

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