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LocationKiruna, Norrbotten, Sweden
SurfaceGravel, Forest land, Water
TriviaSweden's second northermost zone
SnarTrenig at

SnarTrenig is a turfzone in the municipality of Kiruna in the region of Norrbotten in Sweden. The is located in the historical province of Lapland. It is Sweden's second northernmost zone.


This zone zone is placed on the southern shore of lake Kuokkimajärvi. It is located along the hiking trail towards the Three-Country Cairn, Sweden's northernmost point, where the three countries Sweden, Norway and Finland meets.


Kuokkimajärvi is a lake on the border of Sweden and Finland, and the tangential border between Finland and Norway. The lake in the northwest almost reaches the Three-Country Cairn, which, however, is located in another lake, lake Koltajärvi. The lake is located in Kiruna municipality in Lapland, Sweden and in Enontekiö municipality (Enontekis) in Lappland, Finland. It is part of Torne (river) main catchment area. The lake has an area of 0.282 square kilometers and is 501.1 meters above sea level. The lake is drained by the Kilpijoki river.

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