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An open event is an event where everyone can participate and does not require prior registration. Unlike a closed event, where registration is mandatory. Pre-registration, however, facilitates planning and more for the organizer of an open event.

The zones in an open event are visible to all turfers.


During a closed event, the following rules apply to everyone who participates, regardless of rank and any bonuses:

  • Takeover time is 30 seconds.
  • Block time is 3 minutes.
  • Assist is disabled.
  • All regular zones within the event area are deactivated.
  • Special event zones are created on the game plan and give points as below.
  • The event zones are neutral when the event starts, but do not give a neutral bonus because all bonuses are deactivated.
  • All points are included in a special toplist.
  • No points taken on event zones, are included in a turfer's regular points.
  • All turfers can take event zones within the event area.
  • Everyone who takes at least one of the event zones is included in the event and receives a medal.


Everyone who takes at least one zone within the event area receives the participant medal Eventor 24.png.


Information on how to organize a 24-hour event can be found here.

Rules for organizers[edit]

Rules for organizers can be found here.

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