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The Municipality Joensuu in Finland
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Joensuu coat of arms
CountryFinland Finland flagga.png
Number of zones22
Maximum PPH22
Last updated2022-02-24

Joensuu is a municipality (city) in the region of Itä-Suomi (Eastern Finland) in Finland and is city of residence in the province of Pohjois-Karjala. Joensuu has 76,935 inhabitants and a total area of 2,751.07 square kilometers.

Joensuu was founded in 1848 on the west bank of the Pieli River, promoting North Karelia's trade and economic life. The city was built according to a regular plan with wide, straight streets. Along the bank of the river, esplanades were laid out with avenues of large birches, whereby the harbor part with the lower lock of the Pieli canal made a neat impression; from there the great bridge over the river also went to its eastern bank.


Joensuu is located in eastern Finland and borders to Russia. Neighboring municipalities are Ilomantsi to the northeast, Kontiolahti to the west, Lieksa to the north, Liperi to west, Rääkkylä to the southwest and Tohmajärvi to the south.


There are 22 turf zones in Joensuu, where one is counted as a train station zone, two as a holy zones and two as bridge zones.

The most taken zone is JoensuuCity that is located by the Freedom park in central Joensuu.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

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