Bulls fighting in Norra Fäladen, Lund.
LocationLund, Skåne, Sweden
SurfaceGrass, Gravel
FightingBulls at

FightingBulls is a turf zone in the municipality of Lund in the region of Skåne in Sweden and is counted as a monument zone.


This monument zone is on the top of Klosterängshöjden, in the eastern part of the city district of Norra Fäladen, in the northeastern outskirts of Lund


This is the highest point in Lund. From here you can look at Denmark and Halland. Most probably you can see all the way to Blekinge region any clear day. Below the hill Max 4 is developed. To reach the top you need to advance 25 meters upwards from the street level at Klosterängsvägen.

Cultural history: During the 1990's, a site was sought to place the large amounts of excavated masses that are created in connection with the expansion of Lund. The choice finally fell on the eastern part of Norra Fäladen, next to the E22 motorway. The area then consisted mainly of arable land. The landfill area was named Klosterängshöjden after a farm nearby and in 1996 a detailed plan for the area was established. The height 99 meters above sea level and about 25-30 meters above ground level gives a nice view.

The bulls[edit]

The bulls at the height have nothing to do with the area, they came here by chance. The bulls stood on Stortorget in connection with the municipality's harvest festival in 2002, which had a Spanish theme. After a time in the municipality's store, the idea arose to instead find a location for the bulls, and the choice fell on Klosterängshöjden.

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