USA is a country where Turf is not yet officially, but the country is divided into different regions.

Geographic subdivision[edit]

USA is divided into 20 regions, but only Alaska and Kentucky currently have less than a few tourist zones:

Region Zones Current Toplist
Alaska 1 Toplist
Arizona 22 Toplist
California 541 Toplist
Colorado 2 Toplist
District of Columbia 8 Toplist
Florida 18 Toplist
Hawaii 2 Toplist
Illinois 10 Toplist
Kentucky 1 Toplist
Louisiana 4 Toplist
Massachusetts 6 Toplist
Nevada 6 Toplist
New Mexico 14 Toplist
New York 14 Toplist
Pennsylvania 4 Toplist
Tennessee 5 Toplist
Texas 5 Toplist
Utah 8 Toplist
Virginia 7 Toplist
Washington 6 Toplist
Wyoming 8 Toplist

Updated: 2017-07-21
Source: Warded

Country medals[edit]

There is no medal for taking zones in all regions of the USA.