Turf insider March 2016

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In a time when we have gotten used to players reaching the golden line of a million points every round, this round was a bit calmer, neverless the top three turfers had a secure distance to the rest of us by the end of it. The gold medal goes to CykologenCOM from Norrköping in the region of Östergötland who reached 752 900 points by visiting 3 676 zones! ~Sisyfos~ from Haninge in the region of Stockholm snatched the second place by taking 3 275 zones, scoring 655 723 points! And at third place we have Spiken_ from Örebro in the region ... Örebro who took over 3 699 zones and gathered 604 216 points!

Please give these great turfers a big hug and a round of applause!


I would also like to apologize to the turfers URacing and TXL whose homeregions was mixed in the insider mail last month. URacing is the turfer from Västmanland and TXL is from Skåne, nothing else.

Bonanza 2016[edit]

Have you registered for this years greatest Turf Event yet? I registered as second on the list, only beaten by another Turf Crew member, Jojje, how long will you wait? Please see information and registration HERE. You can also check the rest of your upcoming opponents in the forums

Everyone participating in the competition will receive the bonanza participator medal but the big news for this year is that the first heat will be only by foot and the three noble medals of gold, silver and bronze will be awarded in this heat as well as the second one which will be for cycling, in the cycling event you can also use other forms of non-motorized means of transportation such as kickbikes or skateboards.


As mentioned in the last Turf Insider, the new function League is getting ready. From the start of this round every supporter will find the League in the application as an additional Top list. The information on how this League will work you can find on the Turf Wiki, this information will be supplemented along the way. Unfortunately there is no official page where you can check the score for the other leagues but we are planning to have one in the future. Meantime, feel free to discus it in the forums.

There are yet no official site to check the progress for the other Leagues. We have one internal page for Turf Crew which shows the League as in the picture below. As you can see it's missing some graphics to be easily overseen but since we have something to check on, the official site might not be that far away.

Picture missing please upload

Another thing which have been developed lately which I guess many of you haven't noticed is that areas have been corrected. Until now the area counter on turfgame.com have used the area boundaries from Google maps which often have been inaccurate, from now on we are using Open Street Map which have better boundaries so the sharp eye can see that the number of visited areas have changed on their player profile. Small corrections remains but all the official Turf countries have been updated, even our latest member Japan.

See you in a zone!

//Maqqan, Sweden