Turf insider March 2020

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Round Winners[edit]

Congrats to the winner of round 116: Király from Skåne who just keeps going like the Duracell bunny, GW007 from Kalmar added one more silver to his row of medals, Olleklunk from Örebro turfed home his first Bronze and first Region medal.
Well done mates!

Turf Insider received a mail highlighting how MrAce, the winner of round 115, invited every turfer in Västerås for a FTT on his winner zone, MrAcePlace. MrAce himself was serving up ”fika” to all who braved the cold and the fierce winds. The ”unveiling” of winner zones together with your fellow turfers is a nice happening. The best yet that Turf Insider have reported about, is when the turfers in Mariehamn get together and celebrate in style with champagne!

Turf Events[edit]

If you want your public event featured in Turf insider, write to: insider@turfgame.com preferably at least two months in advance and add a web page if possible. After the event it is always fun to read a paragraph about it (winners, weather, funny episodes) and remember that a picture is always worth more than a 1000 words.

New open Duo Turf event in Kalmar[edit]

The Kalmar Turf Association invites all Turfers to Kalmar Duo Turf 2020. On September 12, the event will be conducted in two heat, one for walking/jogging during 60 minutes and one for cycling during 90 minutes. The points from both heats are summed up. Read all about the event at www.kalmarturf.se

Report from Winter Classic 2020[edit]

The battle of swamps
For a while it seemed like winter had abandoned Umeå, but just in time for Västerbotten Winter Classic 2020 the cold weather returned. On the leap-day of the year 2020 the Nydala lake was covered by a thick layer of ice and a thin layer of snow. More than 40 turfers from Gothenburg to Luleå competed by bike or on foot, conquering all the swamps in Västerbotten. Well, not literally, the theme for the event zones was places in Västerbotten with -träsk (swamp) in their name. Most unique swamps (94 in 94 takes) was collected by cotten who won gold in the cycle class. MaXi seized the runners' gold with 66 takes. MoiRune - who started approximately 20 minutes after everyone else - won the Juniors' gold with an amazing 65 takes! The achievement "Turfer travelling the furthest to the event" resulted in a large chunk of Västerbotten cheese for MrJokerit. The event was followed by an evening buffet.
For photos and a longer summary in Swedish see: https://turfvasterbotten.wordpress.com/2020/03/02/traskkamp-i-winter-classic-2020/

Turf Awards 2019[edit]

Turf Award is awarded to turfers who have made significant or particularly attentive achievements during the previous year or have been involved in an especially noted or spectacular zone takeover.

Voting form for Turf Award 2019 is now open!

Five turfers have been nominated in each category and during the month of March you can vote for those who have been nominated for the Turf Awards 2019. Link to the voting form: https://goo.gl/forms/VAFenyDiz6W7LoPv2 The winner in each category will be announced by Turf Crew at the Bonanza banquet in Örebro on May 16, 2020.

How Naviki and Turf got together[edit]

Do you remember Naviki, the German navigation app? Turf zones were added to their Points Of Interests last year and Germany Explorer was a fact.
A turfer who was involved in initiating the collaboration is Deppen. This is her story about how it came to happen:

”In 2018 and 2019 I biked about 700 km. I like to take unique zones and Naviki is a good help in planning the route. I use two older iPhones, both mounted on the handle bar of my bike. One is for Turf and one is for Naviki. When I started using Naviki, it bothered me to not see Turf zones as part of their Points of Interest. So I contacted Naviki and told them about Turf. After hearing nothing for about half a year, I got back to them and asked if they wanted to know more about Turf. I was told they had contacted Andrimon and the rest you know :)”

Proves that one turfer can have a big impact on the game! So don't be shy to contact Andrimon with your ideas about expanding Turf.

Region Battle Uppsala - Östergötland[edit]

During March Uppsala is battling with Östergötland in three classes: average points, average takes and average unique zones. You can follow the teams and the battle at https://turfportalen.se/event/uppsalaostergotland2020 I am part of Team Uppsala and yesterday a member of our team wrote the following post to the rest of the team and I think it symbolizes very well what Turf and region battles are all about :)

”Dear Teammates. Here are some reflections from my first two days of the regional battle.
First of all, I must say that I am insanely impressed with your efforts! I can't understand how you can gather as many points as you do. I am normally on foot and aim to take at least 1000 points a day, I'm happy if I take over 2000 points and proud if I happen to approach 3000 points.
These two days I have biked. Collecting points is a lot more efficient, but what I realize is that there are obstacles out there I never reflected on earlier. During these two days I have carried my bike both up and down stairs, I have lifted it over a fallen tree and gotten stuck in mud. By foot it's kind of easier ... bu of course also a lot slower.
I entered this battle as a real underdog. I had the second lowest ranking in the team. I had taken the least number of zones all together and I had taken almost the least points. And most of the zones I've taken are in a straight line to and from work and the gym. It doesn't necessarily have to be a drawback though, and I am curious to see if I can get even close to the points some of my Teammates get every month.
Watching Turf-TV has been something I have teased my mum, turf nick Mumsige, for. I have considered it pure madness to stare at avatars moving across a screen. But last night I found myself opening the Turf app several times and followed you (my team mates) on the screen. Slow entertainment indeed, but on the other hand, I dig watching bread rising in the oven!
I have met many new people on my routes, common for all I have encountered is that you are incredibly nice! It feels great to be a part of the Uppsala gang! Thanks for letting me join :)
So, tired but satisfied and deeply impressed is the summary of my first few days!
See you in a zone somewhere soon!

// dixern

The battle has just begun and it looks like it will be a close battle over the next five weeks. It will end at 11.59 am on Sunday the 5th of April. Let the best (Uppsala!) team win ;)

MaXi from Dalarna is trying to put together a MEGA Region battle for September 2020. Dead line to register your region and a team captain is 1st of April. Contact MaXi at maxi.triathlon@gmail.com The idea is that the team captains will discuss the rules of the battle and how to compete.

Turfa lugnt/Safe turfing!