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Round winners[edit]

Congratulations to the winners of round 139: Király from Skåne once again won Gold, Fashven from Scotland turfed home his first Silver with just over one million points, and Pike from Västerbotten secured his second Bronze by turfing in temperatures as low as -35C.

Well done mates!

Bonanza 2022[edit]

Registration for Bonanza 2022 in Västervik is now open :)There is an offer for discounted accommodation for the Bonanza weekend, read more about it here.

24 h WINTER Event in Umeå 5-6th of March 2022[edit]

It is not too late to sign up for the once in a life time Turf event: Umeå Turf association has combined their classical Winter event with the exclusive Event 24, only held twice before. Read about it and sign up here. Maybe with restrictions gone in Sweden, more turfers will sign up :)

Turf Awards 2021[edit]

It is time to nominate turfers for Turf Awards 2021. Nomination period is until the 28th of February. Voting for the nominees will take place on April 1-30.

Winners of the Turf Awards 2021 will be presented at the Bonanza Banquet on May 21st in Västervik.

Information in English: Here

Information in Swedish: Here

Link to nomination form / länk till nomineringsformulär: Nomination Form

Marcus_P from Hamburg[edit]

On the 12th of January Marcus_P from Hamburg biked home the first German Staminatrix. He was happy to answer some questions about this for Turf Insider:

Q1: When did you discover Turf?

In spring 2021 I started.

Q2: How did you discover Turf?

A cycling friend posted something about #turfen. Then I took a closer look.

Q3: Where do you live?

I live in Hamburg, Germany.

Q4: Which one is your ”home zone”?

My home zone is „Eulespielen

Q5: When did you take the Staminatrix?

I took the Staminatrix 12.01.2022

Q6: Did you do a lot of planning before you decided to take the Staminatrix?

Not really. I needed a day off, and dry weather. Because I mostly ride solo, a very early start was planned. At that time the city is still very empty, and you can get around quite fast. I had roughly put together the directions in which I wanted to ride.

Q7: Did you take it during one day or two?

I took it in one day. I started at 1 am and got home around 8 pm.

Q8: How many hours did it take you?

In total I was on the road biking for 17 h 43 min

Q9: How many kms did you bike?

It was 235.42km by bike.

Q10: What was hardest with taking this medal?

400 zones are 400 zones. You really have to bike a lot. In the end I miscalculated the zones and I had to bike more than I actually wanted .

Q11: Anything else you want to say about your Staminatrix-medal

With this medal, you should plan the route very well before you ride.

Turfalicious & 100 million take[edit]

On the 18th of January, a turfer finally achieved rank 60, Turfalicious. Király from Skåne ranked up to level 60 in the zone Rings in Malmö. This was done in a bit over 5 years and 4 months. Congratulations!

On the 27th of January, turfer Provokatör took the 100 million take in Turf by taking the zone Domarkullen at 16.18.44 UTC time. He is now know as Mr.100miljoner. Congratulations!

Turf Goals[edit]

A new Turf year means new (or old) Turf goals. Personally I am going for at least 5 zones per day (Daily-365 is the prize in September), 250 takes per week and at least 50 unique zones per month. These are the same goals I have had for the last few years ;) Here are some other turfers from around the world and their goals for 2022:


If Turf was just a numbers game, my goals for this round would be simple; take 5 a day, hit 7,500 takes, try to score 100,000, stay in League 7. Like many others, during the cold, dark month of February I will use Turf as motivation, to keep on taking the long way round to the shops and to take a walk while my son is in the sport centre (a lot).

I'm aiming to visit a couple of places in Scotland that I haven't turfed yet, bag some uniques, and see old familiar places through a new Turf lens - Kelso, Galashiels and Dundee are on my list, but I haven't made any firm plans yet, so I could pop up anywhere. Finally, as a foot turfer, I'd like to have a go at upgrading my Eager Beaver to a Weasel - I'm a pretty slow runner, but with some new zones locally filling some gaps, it should just be possible.


My goal this year is to take more unique zones. We have some far outside the city center, that will be a nice ride when the weather gets warmer.

Also, I found that I can take the train to other cities for walks. Some cities also have good city bikes to rent so I can get a bit further.


Well, I want to try some country medals. Two would be nice, three would be even better.

For a long time I’ve been interested in the Ranger medal. But therefor I have to plan better with the implementation. (ed. You get the Ranger medal when you take 25 National Park zones in one year)

Currently I want to get promoted to the Elite League. I’m working on it.

At the moment a silver or even a gold medal is out of question. There are not enough active turfers in Hamburg for that. Let's see what can be realized in 2022 :)


Being relatively new to turfing, one of my Turf goals for 2022 is to organise an event in N East Scotland. Watch this space! I love bringing people together and my personal goal for the year is achieving more of the assist badges, and of course a bigger unique badge. I love my country and turfing helps me explore it while bringing new people together!


I started Turf in December 2020, after the famous féarglas article, with all but one lonely zone near me. Quite quickly, a Zone Maker spotted me and slowly but surely my local area was populated in yellow and had me zipping around picking them up as fast as they could lay them. Soon I was eying up the historic town of Colchester to the East of me where two other players enjoyed relative peace amongst their zones. Turf in the East of England feels like a different game to elsewhere in the UK. With few players around, it’s all about quantity, an average PPH above 1 being highly unusual! This has led to dawn raids at the start of rounds to get the yellow advantage.

A few Regional wins later, and some new friends along the way, my goals have changed. I’m currently trying to maintain the Daily 5 takes a day, which is fine for now - but I can only do so as my work in the travel industry has been devastated by Covid. As restrictions ease, my next focus will be getting Zones from all around the world!


We have had active Turfers in Minnesota for over a year now. The number of regular participants is still small, so my primary goal will continue to be to attract more local Turfers. We have made an effort – some examples: kelih created marketing collateral, MNMagik organized an information table at an outdoor street festival, and I did a radio interview about Turf. I have a couple new ideas to try this year. More Turfers are out there – we just have to find them.

Soon, before winter wanes, I want to do a fat bike Turf ride with UrukHek across Lake Minnetonka, and along Minnehaha Creek. Once the snow melts, there are some medals I look forward to collecting this year. I have come close to capturing an Eager Ferret, but it still eludes me. I attained El Staminatore on a beautiful summer evening last summer with WIoutlander, so this year I look forward to a Staminatrix day.

Similarly, I gained a Restless medal and now need to stay awake for Insomnia. Some goals are more practical. MNFiberFairy, my wife, is an active Turfer too. Our cell phone batteries are nearing their end of life. We need new phones to maintain our turfing habit.

TurfTeams - new feature in Turf[edit]

We hereby like to announce the release of our latest concept in the Turf family: TurfTeams. Many of you have already read about TurfTeams, or seen the button in the app or the new medals. The idea is to bring a way of using Turf as a health and team building experience to the workplace. Corporations and organizations can use the service and offer their employees to play turf as a part of a health benefit programme or just for fun to have a common thing to talk about on coffee breaks.

The concept is simple: Divide into groups or offices or individuals and compete for 1-2 months. We will guide closely along the way and provide all the administration, information, stats and support needed. We made a specific explanatory page for the concept here: (The page is in Swedish, email us for an English version.)

Photo Contest - Help us out![edit]

What we found out in the process of making the TurfTeams web page is that we lack good photos of Turfers! This is totally unacceptable after more than 10 years of course, and we hope that you could help us out here.

Therefore: Send us your best photos of Turfers turfing! The competition is open for all turfers. All contributions that are used to promote TurfTeams will get a gift card at a sports store. Send your contributions to info@turfteams.se and include your Turf-nick.

Rules: -The photos must include at least one person turfing. -Use high resolution photos to increase your chance. -Maximum 3 submissions per person. -The competition ends on 31 March.

Did you know...

...a total of 337 Staminatrix medals have been awarded since it was introduced 2016-08-20.

Medal no. 1. First out to win the medal, TXL from Sweden, Skåne, Malmö 2016-09-03

Medal no. 16. First outside Sweden to take the medal, rozaliona from Finland, Åland, Mariehamn 2017-07-10

Medal no. 100 was taken by JENZA from Sweden, The Region of Stockholm, municipality of Municipality:Stockholm 2019-04-10

Medal no. 200 were taken by M0112 from Finland. The medal was taken in Mariehamn on Åland but the turfer lives, in Pargas, Lounais-Suomi. 2020-06-13

Medal no. 235. First medal to Norway by Nicke1 from Østlandet, Oslo 2021-02-23

Medal no. 293. First outside the Nordic countries, féarglas from Great Britain, Scotland, City of Edinburgh 2021-04-04

Medal no. 300 were taken by cambla from Great Britain, Scotland, Aberdeen City 2022-01-12

Medal no. 337. First medal to Germany by Marcus_P from The Region of Hamburg, municipality of Hamburg

When will we see the first Staminatrix in other Turf countries?

Turfa lugnt/Safe turfing!


...if you want to contribute to future Turf Insiders, send your story to insider@turfgame.com] :) C'mon and share your big and small stories with the Turf world.