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Round winners[edit]

Congratulations to the winners of round 144: Fozzie from South East England turfed home his first Gold, Caisesiume from Dalarna biked home his first Silver by exploring most of Västra Götaland and Drylaw13 from Scotland finished third for the third time and got one more Bronze.

Well done mates!

Past Turf Events[edit]

Triathlon event in Luleå[edit]

In June a triathlon event took place in Luleå. It was the first event in Luleå for over 6 years and the event was very successful. 30 people participated in the open bike event and 19 people participated in the foot event. In the water event, only one turfer participated and got a real head start in both takes and points. But she would´ve won the points in the total competition even if she didn´t participate in the water event. In the end, Brummsan won the categories "Points" and "Takes" and the turfer ellgesr won the category "Unique zones" during the triathlon event.

After the evening get-togehter at a local restaurant the midnight event begun, Fewer people participated in it. The midnight event was won by DrAcula (bike class) and stefanx46 (foot class).


Gothenburg Open[edit]

At the end of June, Gothenburg Open took place for the 9th time. A total of 82 turfers from Västmanland, Kalmar, Östergötland, Skåne, Halland, Scotland, Örebro, Stockholm and Västra Götaland participated. It was a day with perfect Turf weather: 20 degrees C and a little bit of cloud.

In the bike event MaXi took first place, peterspirea second place and Lindhardt third.
In the foot event JKJE took first place, Podde second place and Flippr third.

In the evening 30 turfers met up for dinner.

Upcoming events:[edit]

KulTurf in Örebro on the 27th of August (information in Swedish HERE)

Skåne Open in Malmö on the 10th of September (information in Swedish HERE).

Turf Ultimate Region Fight 2022

During the September round, MaXi is once again organising the Turf Ultimate Region Fight. 6 Regions have signed up for the Region Fight this year and the team leaders are busy deciding on the rules and setting up the teams. If your region is part of the Region Fight, join up! It is a fun way to really get to know the fellow turfers in your region, and often from other regions too.

Contributing to the TurfWiki[edit]

Many of us takes photos of zones while out turfing. Few of us upload zone pictures to the TurfWiki. Turfer ojarnstr from Finland is a master at uploading zone pictures to the TurfWiki and creating zone articles. He also creates other kinds of articles for the TurfWiki, all for the love of the game. Turf Insider asked him to expand on this part of his Turf ”life”. He wrote this:

”Firstly, the TurfWiki is much more than just zone articles with pictures, but we can start here. Why is it a good thing to create zone articles? Well, I am not sure if it necessarily is a good thing, but it is a fun thing. Look at it this way Turf is not just about taking zones and gaining points. It is also about exploring new places and maybe learning something new. While doing research for a nearby zone I found this place KeskiCrossHil. The site for the first church in Finland. I made a zone suggestion and contacted the zone maker for Lounais-Suomi and the suggestion was granted.

Turf is also about meeting and connecting with new people. When I asked fellow turfer Yoth for some zone pictures from Åland. He told me to get Instagram and connect with Corellian. I am now in contact with her and many other turfers on Instagram. Who might have gotten request from a weird turfer in Finland to use their pictures on the Turfwiki. Here below are some examples of articles that came to life from zone pictures in my Instagram feed:

  • TäljeTräsk Seeing a picture like this in your Instagram feed. You of course first laugh out loud… and then you must write a zone article.
  • Sytertoppen Just look at the wonderful view from this zone

Why am I doing this? The short answer is the love for this game. Turf has many dedicated players and I think the Turfwiki is a nice way to keep track of events, happenings, achievements or in other words the history of Turf. The Turf Awards was a great addition to Turf, and I thought it was important to not just remember the winners but also all the nominees. So, I decided to add a Turf Award page to the Wiki. Another thing I have added to wiki is all the back issues of Turf insider… well as far back as I have played Turf. You can for example check out a back issue and read about the Scottish expansion in Turf insider December 2020.

How many pictures have I uploaded? Somewhere around 1500 pictures but all are not zone pictures. I have at this point no idea how many Turfwiki articles I have written, but many hundreds times two. Being a native Swedish-speaking Finn every article I create is published on both the Swedish and English Turfwiki. Okay if you still are with me, we are down to the last question. How to upload zone pictures to the Turfwiki? This is not really the right format for a guide, and the wiki already have guides for everything Portal:Guides. So, I will just give some general advice here.

Begin with creating a Turfwiki username, preferably the same as your Turf username. This way all your work will be connected to your Turf persona. Uploading a picture is easy but there is a size limit of 2 mb that can cause problems. However, you can easily resize your pictures here: www.photoresizer.com

Now you will need to create a zone article for your zone picture. Otherwise, it will just disappear into a “horrible black void” never to be seen again. This is no problem, creating a zone article is the best and easiest way to learn the wiki. No prior knowledge is required, and there are templates for everything, so you don’t need to know any code language. The quickest and easiest way to create a new zone article, is to find one you like, copy-paste it and change the name and information. You can never do anything wrong on the wiki so don’t be afraid. The Turfwiki remembers all your edits, so if something goes wrong you can always undo it and start again. There is also no problem to edit an article that someone else has created. For a wiki editor seeing the work, you have started being improved and updated is considered a compliment.

Everyone interested in trying out editing on the Turfwiki is more than welcome. I would like to see every active turf region having at least one active editor. Keeping up with the local happenings and telling the rest of the Turf world, what you guys are up to. Also, there is a nice bonus for working on the Wiki: The Wiki Expandator medal, only 23 turfers have been awarded this medal so far.

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to find me on Instagram or write me an email (ojarnstr@gmail.com)."

So there you go, nothing to it! Just take a picture of your next zone and create a zone article with it when you get home or on the next rainy day when active turfing might not be such a tempting activity. And if you find yourself in trouble, e-mail ojarnstr for help :)

Changes in UK zone making by Kingslayer[edit]

Starting in July we will handle zone making in UK in similar way as we have been doing in Sweden for many years now. In essence this means:

  • All regions and larger towns have an active zone maker
  • Each region and larger town in UK have an associated quota – allocation - of new zones which must be used in the four-month period.

In addition, we have recently recruited a handful of new zone makers based in the UK to strengthen our zone making abilities. Up until now zone making in UK has at large been based on individual person's effort and available time. Some areas have received many zones and others none.

The switch to four-month assignments and associated quotas is to ensure a steady inflow of new zones as evenly as possible over the whole of UK. This means that you will no longer see a large amount of zones appearing all of a sudden in a specific place, but instead there will now be a steady smaller build-up month by month. Of course we can't cover everything everywhere, this 4-month period there are 11 zone makers on the whole of UK. To help us, make forum suggestions or suggestions in the app. We read all forum requests but we can’t always act on every request.

As some of you may know, making zone suggestions in the app does not trigger any activity for the zone makers – we don't get a notification, all submissions are anonymous, and they just accumulate over time on our zone making map. That doesn't mean they aren't helpful! Please keep the App suggestions coming! The zone makers are seldom locals and, in some cases, not even from UK. Suggestions help tremendously when expanding the zones in cities. Just remember to make them on "good" spots - public and safe areas, for both pedestrians and bicyclists. And remember, Zone makers also need vacation, you may not see the full effect of this until August/September.

Turf Picture of the Month[edit]

Out of the submissions for this issues Turf Picture of the Month, the choice fell on FælledSkibet sent in by ESOCWalter from Scotland. A big thanks to everyone sending in their Turf Pictures :)

If you have a Zone picture taken by the in-app camera featuring the zone name you want featured as Turf Picture of the Month, send it to insider@turfgame.com Please include your Turf nick for recognition!

Turfa lugnt/Safe turfing!


...if you want to contribute to future Turf Insiders, send your story to insider@turfgame.com :) C'mon and share your big and small stories with the Turf world.