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History from one of the creators of TurfEdit

The idea for a location-based mobile game came several years ago, long before the "smartphone" was something that everyone wanted. We then made playful theories about how such a game could be made using WAP, GSM, triangulation, etc. But soon we realized that it was too big obstacle that it could succeed. But then came the smartphone revolution with GPS, 3G, etc. And suddenly we realized that all the pieces had fallen into place for it would be possible to start the project. During the fall of 2010 the first version of Turf was released, first only to a limited group and later for public download. Initially there were only coverage for the game in Sweden, and it took another six months or so before the game was released on trials in other countries.

Turf project has always been aiming that individual users should not have to pay large sums to participate and play, and that they should not have to be disturbed by the unappetizing advertising. This has led us to the current situation of Turf being financed by private donations from players, private efforts of the developers and to some extent the sponsorship of various companies. No matter how you choose to proceed with a project of this caliber, the costs for servers, certain development and marketing must be covered in any way.

Turf-crew, which is a voluntary group that has made possible the expansion of the game, launched in 2011 and today consists of over 15 highly committed members. One of the keys to the health aspect of the Turf we believe is accessibility. Everyone can play the turf, it is not required that you are part of a particular team or doing the activity at a certain time of day.

(Drassen 2014-03-05)


2010-07-10 The first player to register 20:03 - felixfelox
2010-07-10 First zone is taken 23:19 - hence
2010-07-18 Turfs Facebook group is created Link to Turfs Facebook group
2010-08-01 The forum thread on Swedroid is created 13:00 - Drassen - Link to forum thread
2010-08-04 Version 0.3 First version of the Turf that is posted on Google Play.
Included the: encrypted transmission, help box, about box, a highscore with yourself, people who ever owned a zone and people who are online.
2010-08-31 Version 0.3.5 Included the medalsand some additional features ...
2010-09-13 First turfer to take Dark Ninja 07:16:22 - eddyueue
2010-10-02 First turfer to take Decacity Star 12:37:16 - simon
2010-10-02 First turfer to take Expandator 15:37:18 - simon
2010-11-28 Version 0.5 Included the chat function and some additional features ...


2011-01-04 Zone take 25 000 Sweet - Kingsgarden, Stockholm
2011-01-30 Fairy 0.1 Link to forum thread
2011-0?-?? First turfer to achieve the rank of Turf Master tomtebloss - Information is missing: DATE (and time)
2011-05-17 Version 0.6 Included the; Pro mode...
2011-05-21 Turfs first Bonanza - Stockholm Winner: Fredrick
2011-05-28 First turfer to take Restless 13:33:27 - OlolaKok
2011-05-29 Fairy 0.2 Link to forum thread
2011-05-29 First turfer to take Insomnia 21:41:40 - eddyueue
2011-06-16 Zone take 100 000 Goose72 - Domparken, Östergötland
2011-06-19 Turf event at DreamHack - Jönköping Winners: iostream och eddyueue
2011-06-29 First turfer to take 500 Unique 12:06:39 - eddyueue
2011-??-?? Zone take 250 000 Information missing: DATE (Turfer, Zone & Time)
2011-08-?? Turf launches in Netherlands Information missing: DATE
2011-08-18 Sweden's regions changed From municipalities (approximately) to the county - Link to forum thread
2011-09-25 First turfer to take Revisitor 21:08:41 - uw12345678
2011-10-12 First turfer to take Netherland Explorer 17:05:07 - Fredrick
2011-12-12 Version 0.8 Included the; Regional chat, graphics updates, support for Korean...
2011-12-13 First turfer to take Eager Weasel 14:39:30 - Zontjuven
2011-12-22 Turf launched in South Korea


2012-01-?? First turfer to achieve the rank of Turf Hero Thunell - Information missing: DATE
2012-02-26 Turf launched in Denmark
2012-03-02 Zone take 400 000 Optimus - BermudaZone, Västmanland
2012-03-10 Turf's second Bonanza - Sundsvall Tid: 14:00-16:00 - Winner: bUs
2012-03-18 Swedroid wrote about Turf "Swedish Turf is a different game..." - Link to article
2012-03-20 Turf launched in Finland Åland was the first province to have zones, Finnish mainland began to have zones in late July/August 2012. The zones were implemented with different dates.
2012-03-23 Turf's Facebook page launched Link to Turfs Facebook page
2012-03-28 Version 0.9 Included the; New server balance system, name above the players, new TAKEmedals...
2012-04-01 Version 0.9.1 Included the; Donationsmedals...
2012-04-01 Block times are lowered
2012-04-05 Zone take 500 000 08:13:28 - Blajo - GranloCenter, Västernorrland
2012-04-07 First turfer to take Denmark Explorer 19:33:48 - FinnJ
2012-04-11 First turfer to take Sweden Explorer 15:56:40 - Jojje
2012-04-21 First turfer to take Donation God 10:58:32 - Blabert
2012-04-16 Turf's Google+ page launched Link to Turf's page on Google+
2012-05-02 First turfer to take 1000 Unique 21:53:58 - KP
2012-05-25 Turf launched in Norway
2012-07-10 Version 0.9.2 Included the; New menu system...
2012-07-25 Swedroid wrote about Turf again "Turf soon reaches new milestone..." - Link to article
2012-07-28 Zone take 1 000 000 Madmax - wins a Nexus 7 and gets the zone renamed to MadMegaZone
2012-08-19 New medals are introduced Staminamedals
2012-08-24 First turfer to take El Staminatore 23:22:03 - Wettis
2012-09-01 Turf's third Bonanza - Västerås Tid: 14:00-16:00 - Winner: bUs
2012-09-10 Turf on ABC-nytt (TV news) Stockholms local-tv - Link to broadcast
2012-09-16 Turf is aired on the TV program called "Landet Runt"
2012-09-29 New servers
2012-10-21 Region Ethnicity changed Turfers now belongs to the region where they have the most zones, but the chat region are changed as soon as the turfer takes a zone outside the home region.
2012-11-10 Rank system changes New ranks added (35-60) and points levels for rank 31-35 modified. More info here:
2012-11-17 Version 0.9.5 Included the; new ranks, changed GPS bonus...
2012-12-02 Turf v0.1 för iOS (pre-alpha) Available to a select few testers...
2012-12-05 First zone with over 5,000 takeovers total GAZone, Västra Götaland
2012-12-06 First turfer to take Norway Explorer 13:54:40 - Klemfare


2013-01-13 First turfer to take Take-25000 18:01:04 - Thunell - Coinbridge, Östergötland
2013-01-15 First turfer to achieve the rank of Turf King
   (First turfer with over 5 000 000 points)
12:52 - Thunell
2013-01-16 Zone take 2 000 000 08:19:44 - Trysse - NydalaGrill, Västerbotten
2013-01-22 TurfWiki launches 20:58
2013-02-03 Turf v0.1.1 for iOS (pre-alpha) Now with Swedish chat - Link for more info
2013-02-03 Turf launched in Island
2013-02-18 TurfWiki milestone 22:08 - Turfwiki gets its 100th article after 27 days.
2013-04-20 Turf's fourth Bonanza - Uppsala Tid: 14:00-16:00 - Winner: SunYour
2013-05-05 First turfer to take 2500 Unique 18:48:56 - kingenin
2013-05-05 First turfer to take Finland Explorer 18:49:11 - kingenin
2013-05-21 Forum milstone ca 16.00 - The first forum thread with more than 15 000 views: Var med och sprid Turf!
2013-05-22 First turfer to take Greed-250 09.09.10 - kingenin
2013-06-03 Zone take 3 000 000 time? - ezGenesis - zone:?, Västmanland
2013-06-15 Turf launched in the United Kingdom
2013-07-30 Turf beta for iOS (closed beta) - Link to more information
2013-08-02 v. for iOS A small update of the beta-version
2013-08-30 API v4 released Brand new API engine with more functionality
2013-09-29 IPhone release on Appstore 1000 downloads first day, #38 in free games on appstore, #99 in free apps
2013-11-03 0pph introduced previously only 1-9
2013-11-07 Mobil Galan 2013 Turf is nominated as best health app
2013-11-26 Supporter introduced First Android version released with the new feature
2013-11-27 First turfer to take Dawn Ninja 04:02:29 MarresmacK took Dawn Ninja
2013-12-06 50.000 downloads Turf was downloaded for the 50 000 time.
2013-12-08 Zone take 5 000 000 By Jojje, 07:55:49 - Benchzone, Västernorrland, '
2013-12-09 Musikhjälpen charity Around 11.000SEK contributed by turfers
2013-12-20 First zone to reach 10 000 takeovers playstreetking - SkrapanZone, Västerås
2013-12-21 Turf v1.1 for iOS First update of turf for iOS, including for example the searchfunction, more information Link


2014-04-03 First regionteam in a regionbattle to reach 100 participators 13:10:44 - Skåne
2014-04-30 New medals Countrymedal and Regionmedal
2014-05-31 First player to reach 1 million points during one round 15:58 - Loaf
2014-06-07 Turfs fifth Bonanza - Stockholm Time heat 1: 10:00-12:00, time heat 2: 14:00-16:00 - Winner: Thunell
2014-06-24 Turf v1.2.0 for iOS Turfs second update for iOS with for example the possibility to suggest new zones Link
2014-07-08 First turfer to receive UK Explorer 20:04 - kaninmage
2014-07-29 Turf v1.3.0 for iOS iOS user was able to use Turf on iPads and to use the application in landscape mode Link
2014-08-17 First turfer to reach 10 000 000 points in total 19:29 - Snusmumriken
2014-09-12 10 000 000 zontakes 08:24:38 - Wsnurr is the winner of a android wear
2014-10-17 Turf v1.3.6 for iOS Spectator mode and better GPS. Link


2015-02-16 Turf v0.9.9.1 for Android Version is released to all Supporters using Android
2015-03-07 First turfer to take the Ghost minute medal 00:00:11 - Spix
2015-03-20 Turf v1.3.7 for iOS Ghost minute medal and auto-close of takeover dialog. Link
2015-04-20 Turf v1.3.8 for iOS Holy zones and new dialog design. Link
2015-09-01 The first turfer to reach 100.000 takes Snusmumriken
2015-10-04 Turf Aid 2.0 Turfers was given the opportunity to contribute in Turf Aid 2.0 during round 63. The result of 28 962 kr was given to save the children foundation.
2015-10-18 Turf v1.0 for Android Version 1.0 was released on Google Play
2015-12-06 20 000 000 zontakes TequilaGold